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Friday, August 23, 2013

Black Snake Progress, and Melbourne gigs

Hello wonderful people

I’m hoping this message finds you happy and well. It’s a lovely rainy day here in Melbourne, and I’m enjoying watching the rain kiss the garden and settle in droplets on leaves and early springtime flowers.

Things are coming along wonderfully with my album recording. Just  a couple more weeks and stage one will be completed. Can’t wait for you to hear it!I’ve been wanting to launch my fundraising campaign for the past couple of weeks, but with all of my studio commitments, haven’t managed to find the time.  But thankfully our very kind producer is letting me clock up quite a bill so that I can stay with the flow and keep recording, even though I don’t actually have the dosh yet! Thanks Universe. So yeah, I’ll have more info about how you can help make this album come to life in the next couple of weeks.

And for those of you in Melbourne, I have a show coming up on Sunday September 1st with my full band. Here are the details:

Sunday September 1st
Bar 303
303 High St Northcote
Tickets $20, or $15 for unwaged (or what you can afford)
Available at the door.

And then on Saturday September 7th I am returning to Geelong for another house concert at my friend Eilish’s gorgeous home. It was such fun last time. Once again, places are limited due to space restrictions, so you need to pre book your ticket. Here are the details:

Saturday September 7th
Geelong House Concert
Private home in Highton
7.30 pm
Tickets $20, plus an offering to share for a vegetarian pot luck dinner
Email me to book your ticket, and I’ll give you banking info and address

And that’s it for gigs until October, when I head out on the road with the fabulous Kellianna from the USA for our Australian tour (including Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney, Canberra, and Hobart. (Sorry Brisbane, Perth and Darwin – there’s only so much time! Next tour for sure!).But more news on that in my next newsletter.

And those of you in the USA, I’m hoping to see you too before the year is out.

Sending love and Magic to you all

Wendy xx

Thursday, August 1, 2013


Blessings, friends

I’ve just returned from a busy but rewarding few days in Western Australia, where the weather was wild and Wintery, but the heartspace at my three concerts and my workshop was warm and lovely. Now I’m back in Melbourne – somewhat exhausted and doing my best to rest before a big concert on Saturday night, and more recording on Friday and Sunday. (more on this exciting concert below)

Tomorrow, August 2nd, marks a sacred turning point in our Wheel of the Year. Here in the Southern hemisphere it is Imbolc – the first stirrings of Spring. A few blossoms are beginning to show themselves in the local woodlands; wattle, greenhood orchids, sundew orchids, and heath. This is a time of rebirth and awakening, that calls us to courageously push forward, breaking new ground.

And in the Northern Hemisphere it is Lammas – the first of the three sacred harvests. We honour the gift of the early harvest by baking bread and dedicating this to the Earth, in hope and celebration of the bountiful crop that is to follow. It’s a golden and ripe time – and the first hint that Summer will soon become Autumn.

Yesterday I took a long, long walk along the beach, and celebrated the Imbolc energy by taking a (very) quick dip in the sea. It was cold indeed, but very cleansing. I walked for hours and hours, until there were no more footsteps in the sand. Then I noticed little paw prints  darting here and there over the sand. Guessing there was a little fox friend nearby, I proceeded quietly, and sure enough, soon I was met by a gorgeous russett face staring at me from the edge of the tea-tree woods. We both stood perfectly still and held each other’s gaze for at least a minute – which is a long time when you are in the flow!. She or he then turned around and ran into the bushland, fiery tail ablaze. On my return trip, I took a photo of our footprints together.

Ok, now for some concert news. On Saturday night I’m part of a triple bill line up, with two other fantastic Melbourne bands – Dandelion Wine and Geamala. The Northcote Uniting Church is a gorgeous building, and for those of you in Melbourne, this will be a special night indeed. I’m playing with my full band (Tim on Guitar and flute, Rachel on cello, William on drums and Aaron on violin). I’m the first act on, so don’t be late!

$20 tickets at the door

Sending everyone Magical blessings for this turning of the seasons.

Love Wendy